:: Raging on Polkas ::

Polka Dots are such an evergreen trend. They may come and go and come back again, in all sorts of sizes, colors and quantities, but inside all of us, there will always be the child that loves polkas, any given day! For some reason I relate Polkas to vintage. Maybe because I wore them a lot in my childhood and not so much now. Which is why when I laid my eyes on this vintage Vogue cover, I had to do something about it. This is model Marie Lise Gres wearing a hat and dress by Hardy Amies,and photographed by Henry Clarke.UK Vogue,March 1965.

And yes, since it is connected to my childhood, wearing polka dots does make me happy! So I will definitely be wearing more of them from now on! Who doesn’t want to feel like they are back to their childhood?!
You would think there are some kind of ‘rules’ to wearing polkas. I’d say there aren’t any. Wear a shirt or a skirt OR wear both of polkas. Wear polka shoes, clutch, umbrella. Make your entire outfit overdosed with polka if it makes you happy! That is the key – happiness. If it makes you happy, it will work for you. Heck I even put a polka on my forehead (Read = Bindi)! Remember to have fun with it. Fashion & Style are not to be taken THAT seriously!

The possibilities are endless if you know you’re having a blast. So don’t stop. Here is some more inspiration if you still need a nudge to indulge in some polkas:

[Images courtesy Pinterest]
And here is my PINTEREST Board dedicated to Polka Dots & Stripes.

[Photographs: Naina Redhu][Top: Zara, Skirt: CIRARE, Clutch: Forever21, Earrings & Heels & Bracelets: ALDO]

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