Anju Modi – Delhi Couture Week 2012 – Day 3

This year, Anju Modi presents her collection DEVI. The collection takes inspiration from some of the most vivid characters inked throughout the Bengali literature and those that have been cinematically brought to life.
Like always her garments were so much more than just garments, art, stories infact. Layers upon layers of intricacy so thoughtfully brought together. One look and you know that not just anybody is capable of such craftsmanship. Anju Modi’s shows always leave me in complete awe and love with her.
I also happenend to meet the Makeup artist for her show, Anuj Dogra. Such a sweetheart and boy does he know his skincare and makeup. He is like an encyclopedia…the kinds you actually wanna read cover to cover, cause its THAT interesting! The evening turns out so much better when you get to meet such lovely people!
Ofcourse the highlight of the show was Madhuri Dixit as the showstopper. As beautiful and graceful as she may be, the garments of the show still outshone her…for me atleast. All in all it was a good show. A good day infact for Delh Couture Week since this show was followed by Manish Arora’s. And that was an insane universe on its own! About that in the next post.

And I probably shouldn’t mention, which is exactly why I kinda will…the gold tinted headgear at Anju Modi’s show, as pretty as it may have looked, seemed very closely inspired by the headgear that has been used in a previous YSL show. Don’t you think so?!

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