JJ Valaya – Delhi Couture Week 2012 – Day 1

When you know its JJ Valaya, you know its going to be EXTRAVAGANT. Actually in this case collections by ALL the designers will be extravagant, it being ‘Couture Week’ and what not. But still, JJ Valaya was one show I was really looking forward to. And it delivered…maybe a little too much, but thats what couture is all about. Crazy amount of detailing on traditional Indian silhouettes – lehengas, sherwanis, anarkalis and just a bit of unwanted experimentation with the traditional silhouettes which could have been avoided. Nevertheless, here are glimpses from the show. The intricacy and attention to details in some pieces was just mindblowing!

Its a pity us bloggers don’t get seats with a good viewpoint, but thats how we get the awesome ‘making-do-with-what-you-have-got’ attitude I suppose…atleast in India.

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