Levelling With the Animal

Two trends that I have been going ape-shit over lately are finally here together, in one outfit post – Animal Prints and Barely there Distressed Denims. Occassion was my mom’s birthday lunch for which we all went to Cafe Delhi Heights in Gurgaon.
It has barely rained in Delhi this season. Still with all the cloudy moody skies I don’t feel like wearing full length clothes…something about the imagery of the hemlines getting dirty in the sludge etc. So I prefer shorter hemlines, folded or short trousers, skirts or dresses. I’d say shorts too but Delhi/Gurgaon isn’t really a girl-wearing-shorts-friendly city. Pity!
Like always I keep it basic combining a fabulous Animal Print shirt with a plain denim skirt with just a few patches of distress. Easy, comfortable, casual and yet having its own personality. I had always avoided wearing animal prints for the longest time. But exposure to Pinterest has really opened up my heart to lots of new things. And it feels awesome. I even have a board dedicated just to the Animal Print Trend! You can follow it HERE.

[Top & Bag: Zara, Skirt: Mango, Shoes: BASH, Ring: Bhutan]
Thats Mom gettng a sleepy birthday kiss from me.

Cafe Delhi Heights deserves a mention too! Great Martinis – Watermelon, Mango coriander and Espresso chocolate. Amazing prawns and finally the ‘Juicy Lucy Burger’-their speciality. And believe me when I say that this burger is literally ‘death in a burger’

I think I should stop now. So thats it! Till next time…and don’t forget to let your animal out every once in a while.

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