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“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

– Coco Chanel

And this time around HP has nailed it with their Envy Ultrabook, with new ideas, forward thinking, sleek design, keeping in mind what people want these days and making the laptop something that you will enjoy ‘living’ with rather than just ‘using’ for work! It truly is FASHION, done the right way.
I recently got my hands on the HP Envy Ultrabook 4-1002TX. And I have not stopped talking about it ever since!
Here is my experience with this amazing laptop (First Part). Ofcourse since mine in a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog you will see a huge inclination towards that aspect but I can promise you, by the time you’re done reading both my posts, you WILL want one!…Especially when you have a chance to win one!(Keep reading for more details)

The day I got the laptop I decided to take it out for a test drive! Just a walk down to my local coffee shop to get my daily dose of caffeine, get some prior pending work done, catch up with friends and maybe something more. Its a really short walk so I decided to leave my bag at home, just carry some cash and the laptop, without its bag OR adapter. I love stretching products to their limits!
Off I go…

Whoa! Wait a second! Thats it?!….Well yes…it IS! Just the laptop. AND BOY IS IT LIGHT! I mean SUPER-LIGHT! Its like a freakkin notebook! But ofcourse you can do so much more with this!! Just pick it up and you’re good to go. Nothing else needed!

The Ultrabook is so reflective of what today’s youth, or for that matter the entire population stands for – Value for Time. Everyone is always in a hurry, wants to do and get things faster with lesser hassle. This is exactly what the Ultrabook delivers…Super light, very easy to carry (even in your hands) since its so thin and an incredibly fast boot-up time! There is a slip-resistant base too! Mine is red. These small practical details show what an enormous effort HP has put into the Ultrabooks to make sure each feature is in line with the times! Not to forget the USB 3 port which transfers data from my external hardrive like a hot knife slips in butter!

The Envy Ultrabook is as thin as 19.8 mm(0.78 inches). While that sounds all good i’m sure it does’nt give you a very good idea in actuality. I’m sure THIS will though…

And THATS how light it is:

The reading showed 1.6 kgs on my personal weighing scale. The Laptop is actually lighter than the bag I carry everywhere, daily! I checked and the bag came out to be 1.8 kgs on the very same scale! I know its mentioned on the sites that the laptops can weigh anywhere from 1.7 kgs onwards so my scale maybe a little off but what we can be sure of is that its lighter than the average purse/bag that women carry with them everyday!

So thats what my experience with The HP Envy Ultrabook has been for now! Theres a whole new experience coming up in the next post. For now all I can say is – With The HP Envy Ultrabook I feel like I’m up for anything…in this Urban Jungle that we live in!

Let me know what you think!
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