Summer in a Tie-Dye

It has been, not what seems like but literally, AGES since I did my last outfit post. Had sort of lost my way but i’ve found it! Well here goes.
Im sure it won’t be news if I told you that the Delhi summers are nothing to be joked about! Its merciless. The heat travels in a wave and if you aren’t prepared you get caught like Bambi in headlights.
Recently there was the #SuperSaturday sale at VeroModa, Only and Jack&Jones with a flat 60% off on everything, just for that day. Needless to say, I had to be there.
Managed a quick shoot outside the mall before going in for the sale!
Its always helpful to wear solid and basic colors when going shopping. You get a better perspective of how tops, bottoms and accessories will look if you wanna pair them with what you already have in your closet. I had been toying with the idea of an all-white outfit for some time so I decided to go along with it. Ofcourse I’m still not there yet so I added just a little bit of contrast with a very light tie-dyed draped cover up! Adds a punch of color and the white still gives you hope of surviving the heat!

[Shades & Denims: Mango; Vest & Shoes: Zara; Tie-Dyed top: Cirare(that’s my label FYI); Ring: picked from Bhutan; Belt: H&M; Neck chain & pendant: Dilli Haat; Watch: Swatch]

Let me know what you think! Im still a bit rusty since its been so long but I’ll get there soon promise!
Photographs by Prateeq Kumar

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