Secret Life: A Day In a Pair of Steve Madden Shoes

“We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows.” – Robert Frost
If you were to count all the secrets your shoes know about you, would’nt you be glad they can’t speak?!…
As an experiment with a pair of absolutely gorgeous Steve Madden heels as a part of their Red Shoe Soiree, I wore the heels for an entire day just to see what all the heels are exposed to in my life- the places, the people, the gossip, the scandals and everything in between.
Ofcourse the day started with work and some meetings. Gotta have some of that! Meet some excited and some dull people for work over some coffee. Throw around ideas, agree, disagree, come to decisions and wrap it up. The shoes get to hear all the clean and dirty details, the money, the plans, everything.After enough of work its time for the fun stuff! Shopping! You’ll be surprised how comfy these heels are. Shopping with a friend, gossipping, trying out new styles, bitching about body sizes and shapes, sharing diet tips, who gained weight recently, who lost weight recently, who is getting married, who is having kids, who is promiscuous and so much more.And finally moving on to the cherry on the cake! Some cocktails with the girls! Discussing boys, the shopping done earlier, life, travel plans, work and then ofcourse some loss of memory.“The Shoes Know Everything”Images number 1, 5 and 6 courtesy Naina Redhu at Aside

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