The Weekend Getaway – Neemrana

It had been so so long…well not all that long….but *seemed like forever* long since I had taken a break. From work, the city, the traffic, the daily chores, the deciding what to eat, the deciding what NOT to eat, the obsessing some more about work, the television….
And ofcourse his birthday was coming over the weekend, so it was there staring at me – the idea of getting away for the weekend.
Now if you live in the heart of Delhi and have just 2 days to spare and want to get out of the city, Neemrana is the first place you should try. Away, calm and it just lets you be you.
We decided to stay at The Neemrana Fort Palace, Behror which is essentially a fort thats been converted into a hotel while sustaining its history and old-world charm.
After a little bit of research we booked The Kailash Burj Room from their website itself. Simple enough. The room seemed like a good choice since it was close to the pool, had its own balcony and was right on the edge of the fort, so complete privacy from one side of the windows 😉
Part of the view from our Balcony

Im not going to start writing an essay about how awesome the stay was now because I have photographs. So in short yes, the stay was absolutely lovely, much time was spent in the pools. Coming to which, a LOT of people are’nt aware of the fact that Neemrana has 2 pools! They dont have televisions in the bedrooms which is perfect. All meals are buffet so you can actually forget bothering yourself about portion control – its two days and its a vacation -have a go at it! Theres poolside snacks and beer and relaxed happy people on their vacations, so no frowning city-faces. The service seemed flawless. Just the telephone in our room could’nt get fixed for some reason -no biggie, we di’nt really wanna be disturbed or calling people up and there was this bunch of hippie punjabi youngsters who got wasted and were screaming ‘Jai Mata Di’ one night, but then again we went to bed tipsy ourselves, so not much love lost.
Not another word out of me. Except..let me know what you think!
Inside the room

Happy to see they are sort-of keeping up with the whole Tangerine color trend. #Just kidding. Not actually.

Ok so there was just a liiiitle bit of work that I HAD to do while there. Emergency situation.

Breakfast! Bacon, sausages, cereal(not in the image), 2 types of cheese and poha.

Happy puppy

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