Make-up Diaries – Beauty Basics

I am definitely no pro when it comes to make-up but I have been lucky enough to have picked up on a few good tips, tricks and basics through the years. Starting with my very first time with make-up, my 10th grade farewell party. A complete disaster make-up-wise no doubt. But after a week of shame I learnt to pick myself up and experiment some more.
Heres just a quick roundup of the basic stuff that you’ll find in my case:
MAC Pink Swoon Sheertone Blush & Gilt by Association Eyeshadow

Again a HUGE fan of BackToMAC!!!

Bold Black Mascara & their smudge-proof Eye-liner Kajal. It really is smudge-proof. #Respect

CLINIQUE Superbalanced Makeup Foundation & INGLOT Face and Body Illuminator

Ambika Pillai RED-HOT Lipstick I have a few more of hers but this is by far the one that I have used,am using and will use the most!

The Mighty Three. My pillars. My rocks!
Cetaphil Daily Advanced Ultra Hydrating Lotion. Even though I have combination skin, this is absolutely perfect. Non-heavy, Non-comedogenic and Non-greasy.
Cetaphil SPF-50+ Sunscreen for all year round.
Vichy LIFTACTIV CxP Night Cream. You’ve gotta love this stuff!

Heres the list:
> Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion
> Cetaphil SPF-50+ Sunscreen
> CLINIQUE Super Balanced Makeup Liquid Foundation
> INGLOT Face & Body Illuminator
> MAC Pink Swoon SheerTone Blush
> CHAMBOR Bronzer Blush (for the evenings)
> MAC Gilt by Association Eyeshadow – perfect for a night out!
> MAC Bold Black Mascara
> Ambika Pillai RED-HOT Lipstick
> MAC smudge-proof Eye-liner Kajal
> The Body Shop Brilliance Powder in Bronze
Yup thats about it!

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