MOO Business Cards

So I had just joined Klout very recently that they told me I was eligible for one of their perks! Getting 50 business cards for myself from MOO! Awesome news! The very same day I claimed the perk, uploaded about 30 photographs that I wanted to be printed at the back of the cards, gave my information, paid for the shipment charges and voila! I was set!
About 10 days after this my package arrived with a big ‘YAY’ written on it. Gorgeous quality of printing, fabulous drool-worthy paper…*sigh* I could’nt help myself from taking photographs. So here is me going nuts over my MOO cards.
(Its a bit of a bummer that ‘Klout’ is printed on each card on the side of the pic but ultimately paying just about Rs. 800, which is for the shipping, for 50 of such awesome business cards seemed like a good deal to me)

My beauties. I used a lot of images that I clicked at the last WIFW too!

They are so good I dont even feel like using them…now to look for a good card-holder too!

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