Lifestyle Pakistan Gala Dinner

It was definitely a good feeling to be a part of the celebrations of the launch of ‘Lifestyle Pakistan’ – a fashion, music and food extravaganza from Pakistan at the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. To become a part of Pakistani traditional design, not very different from our own, but you could feel those small hints of deviation from our own sensibilities, not only in the garments and embroideries and patterns but also ofcourse the gorgeous food!

The collections of the designers ranged from dull dreary mature to bright and funky pallettes and silhouettes. There was something for everyone. On the downside the event seemed to take forever to finish. The delay in beginning can really only be blamed on the delhiites but the program itself stretched on for a long time. In my opinion they could have done without showing some designers in the show.
The dinner was fabulous. Huge variety of dishes which spelt gala all over I suppose. But again they were unprepared for the large number of people that showed up. It almost looked like a ‘shaadi’!
But thats how you learn. Im sure the next Lifestyle Pakistan will be much better prepared for ‘Dilli dilwaalon ki’.

It was a great experience to meet some lovely people too. I was bowled over by how very polite and well spoken Pakistanis are. Their manner of speaking is so cultured, a fresh change from what you get to hear at actual Delhi weddings.
Here are some pictures from the event. The house was packed would be an understatement to say the least.
Also this post was meant to come up a while back. Apologies for the delay. Can I blame it on my Delhi based nature since we are still on the same post ?!

Thats Ali Zafar on the ramp…playing the dhol

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