Fashmob – Lecoanet Hemant

It was a close gathering of fine people from the fashion fraternity and the employees of Lecoanet Hemant for the showcasing of their Summer 2012 Collection. People were mingling, sipping on wine, eating some cheese when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, quite like a ‘fLashmob’ but not quite either…women…wearing the new collection, walked into the foyer area. Women with real bodies and real faces and real personalities. Right from Lecoanet Hemant’s employees to designers, entrepreneurs and more, women from all walks of life showcased the collection in what was a brilliant and id say bold concept. I could see Hemant written all over this idea. And that is why I have so much respect for the guy.

They went on to move about so that everyone present could have a closer look and feel of the collection, after which they models themselves mingles with the crowd and became a part of it. A perfect ending to a great beginning. The first of its kind, The Fashmob, was a great showcase to witness.

The Ladies entering the Foyer are wearing the new collection:

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