Beer Much? – Striker Pub & Brewery

When its a Sunday and you work five days a week, you tend to make the absolute most of it – by forced habit. So naturally I turn to my best friend – BEER. And what better place to have it than Striker, in Gurgaon, where i’d like to think that its freshly brewed just for me on Sundays…
This time they were out of Jazzy Light so we had Weiss Blues…yummy in my tummy!

Ofcourse before actually placing the order I ALWAYS do the beer tasting…*every time go there* I just like it that ways. I mean common its free! Can’t say no to that!

Not to mention the ritual of ordering the same food that I always order at Striker. Believe me these two are the best starters at Striker. Yogurt Kebabs – Vegetarian & Mustard Fish Kebabs for the Non-veg, which would be me. But I really do dig the curd kebabs too! Im greedy with food.

Those are the Mustard Fish Kebabs:

Yogurt Kebabs – Soft & sublime in the centre and paper crispy on the outside!

Thats where the beer is made. Fortunately/unfortunately they don’t let people in there otherwise some like me would break a pipe or try n swim somewhere in there.

The BAR! and the bartender looking at me all wierd.

Ofcourse theres a smoking room. Thats actually my friend acting all broody. He loves the camera and it always helps to have friends like that when you carry a camera everywhere! The conscious ones never really help!

I did notice they have an interesting floor as well. Besides that I really wanted to get my Jaipuri payal in a shot somewhere too. Two birds with one stone! Am I good or am I good? I think im beginning to sound like I wrote this post just after leaving Striker but no I didn’t. I think im just buzzing with the coffee.

And lastly but not the leastly, yours truly! Lets face it, beer and restrooms always go hand in hand. Now I wasn’t actually called, or asked or paid OR even given any free beer to visit Striker to do this post. Its purely been done out of love for the place and their great beer! So the next time you feel like going to Striker, maybe somehow miraculously I’ll get a free beer from somewhere.

Im already drooling and its just Wednesday!

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