O V / / M – Drip Simple Series

Drawing inspiration from forms in nature, OVM by James Jean ,is a place of luminous fantasy and dark decay. Four major series of fine jewelry will be released this next year, along with textiles and design objects.

For now The Drip Series has been released and it invokes feelings you ‘almost’ never thought you might have.
Here are a few picks that are my personal favourites. Work of arts!
A small wave. It whispers as it coils around the finger, “My beginning is my undoing.” But it is tranquil, neither advancing nor receding, its tendrils poised in mid-crest, searching…
Handcrafted in Japan with a gorgeous serialized and signed box. Sometimes just the packaging of something gets me all tingly…

A set of three rings designed to weep over the adjacent fingers. The weeping effect is especially charming while holding something upright.

Ondine’s Tears
A splash of silver descends into the soft glen of the chest. Designed in 4 parts, cunningly linked with concealed joints that allow the necklace to flex and conform to the shape of the wearer.

A canted crescent opens beneath the collar bone, issuing forth a cascade of liquid, accented by 6 diamonds. A glittering graffiti of gore.

James Jean was born in 1979, Taipei, Taiwan. Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Do go and visit the OVM Blog to get a better understanding of James’ inspirations.
Some early sketches of the Drip Series

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