Cointreau Rendez-Vous Privé

You say #Cointreauversial; I say ‘whaaa’?

The fact that this was so close to my birthday is just an added bonus but boy was this ‘Rendez-Vous’ worth the wait!

Sponsored by Cointreau – The iconic French orange Liqueur and arranged by – beverage education and training, The Rendez-Vous Privé is an evening hosted by a trained Cointreau mixologist, in this case it being the very lovely and talented Sweta Mohanty from tulleeho, at your home where the workshop involves all the guests in cocktail making and appreciation. This evening was ofcourse centered around Cointreau and cocktails that can be made using it.

The table being set up:

These were gonna be a part of the final ‘surprise’ cocktails:

Working it with the shaker

Sweta started off the evening with some very refreshing kamikaze shots while we waited for some more guests. After which there was a round of tequila & Cointreau shots. Im guessing the shots were a sort of welcoming ceremony into the workshop, you know what with all the concentration and focus and seriousness required to pay attention and make the cocktails the right way! And what good students we were!

We made a total of 3 Cointreau based cocktails:
The Dusty
The Cointreau Cooler
And the final ‘surprise one’ – The Diabolic Cointreaupolitan

The Dusty

Now I was so sure that I was gonna remember all the quantities of all the ingredients. But ofcourse I dont. But I can tell you the contents of each. The Dusty had Cointreau, Cranberry juice, lime juice and a pinch of cinnamon powder.

The Cointreau Cooler & The Diabolic Cointreaupolitan

The Cointreau Cooler had Cointreau, Apple juice, a bit of Ginger Ale and a long slice of cucumber. Perfect for the summer!
The Diabolic Cointreaupolitan had Cointreau, Cranberry juice, Strawberry crush and a couple of dashes of Tobasco. Very hot and chic!

How could we forget the food? Barbequed Pork Chops! Because you should never drink alcohol on an empty stomach, especially when you have to work the next morning!

Clearly it was’nt ‘parisian chic’ like this…

More ‘desi chic’ like that…

What mattered is that we all had A B.A.L.L …so a huge shout-out and a bigger thankyou to Cointreau &

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