WIFW Autumn Winter 2012 – Jenjum Gadi ‘Tribal Connection”

It was Day4 of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2012 by FDCI and the first show of the day was a combined show by Jenjum Gadi, followed by Ritesh Kumar and Vijay Balhara. Now this post is only focussed on Jenjum’s Collection and you’ll see why.

A massive riot of colors, it was clear for everyone to see that Jenjum had really followed his heart and worked his soul into this fabulous collection.
Simply put the collection depiceted Jenjum’s journey from a small village called Tirbin in Arunachal Pradesh to the big city life in New Delhi. As an afterthought he could have really played that soundtrack ‘Big City Life’ by Mattafix…but onto greater things…

Having been inspired by the beauty of the tribal culture and colors of India, Jenjum incorporated all his beautiful memories of his village into the vibrant color pallette and his experiences in the city into the simple yet edgy silhouettes of his collection.

It was wonderful to see how he had worked his inspiration so intricately into his garments and you will get a sense of that on seeing the close-up shots of his detailed work later in the post.

Here is the collection

Heres also a quick chat with Jenjum himself mixed in with close-up shots from his collection yesterday:

• Whats is the name of the collection that you are going to show this time? What is the inspiration for the collection? Write a few words describing your collection. Is it pret or couture?
Im calling it a tribal connection. Its about my journey from a small village to my studio in shahpurjat. Its an amalgamanation of my memories of growing up in a simple yet vibrant tribal culture and my experience and what I am learning from life in the big city. Its a pret collection, the look is young and simple with a certain edginess to it. Tribal colors are mixed with sober colors to have a more modern feel. Its to show how we, the young tribal generation live now, still holding on to our roots but ready to take on the modern world as well.

• Who is your style icon? Which one personality would you like to dress up or see wearing your garments?
I don’t have any particular style icon. I would however like to dress somebody who is free-spirited, fun and ready to experiment a bit with his/her look.

• Who is your favourite contemporary designer and if given a choice whose garments would you absolutely love to own and dress up in?
Pankaj and Nidhi, Varun Sardana, Anand Bhushan & am:pm. These are some of my favorite designers. Would love to wear any thing designed by them!

• How do you think the Indian fashion scene and business has evolved since you started out? What are your opinions about so many Fashion Weeks, new designers, media coverage, etc?
I think its a wastage of money to do so many fashion weeks. Instead they should come together do one fashion week and spend money on bringing more buyers to the industry and supporting young talented designers. There are lots of new designers and the levels of quality of work are certainly coming up which is certainly a good thing but at the same time there is a lot of them who just want to become a designer because they have the money to spend which results in loss of quality.
Media is doing a great job, but I still believe we lack good fashion critics in the industry.

• Do you follow trends? What all will you be seen wearing on a Saturday night at a friends house party or outside?
Yes I do follow trends but I always like to mix and match n give it my personal touch.
A house party at a frends place I will probably be wearing something comfortable but one thing that stands out, it can be my shoe or scarf or my shirt.

• Are you aware of the comic con happenning in Delhi while the fashion week is happenning? Who was your favorite comic character as a child or even now?
No im not aware of that. My favorite comic character use to be The Hulk because I always believe in ‘the bigger the better’.

• What is your 2nd most favourite past-time/hobby after designing? What has been your most memorable/proud/cherished moment as a designer since you first started out?
I prefer to just relax at home, watch tv with glass of wine or vodka. I do love wine!
The most memorable moment will be when I got through gen-next in lakme fashion week, since then there has been no looking back.

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