WIFW AutumnWinter 2012 – Anju Modi ‘Nomadic Wanderlust’

It was the second last show of the First day of The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW2012, the exhaustion had begun to settle in but the moment Indrani walked in kicking off the show, my eyes were glued. It may not have been out of this world but all I knew was that I wanted each piece of her collection in my wardrobe. A very sensible Indian Collection, wearable collectibles for everyone!

About the Collection:
Inspirations from the Afgan and Kutch regions could be seen. had a very nomadic yet feminine look to it, meant for a woman who draws strength from her journeys. Fluid silhouettes with layering of woolen drapes, cowl trousers and shawls dominated the colection. The hot pink turbans reinforced the charm of old world travelling. Raw silk teamed with textured cotton gave an earthen feel to the show. Cream, mustard, brick red, samarkand blue with bits of black and white showed a very mature yet curious color palette.
Here are some personal shots at the show:


In the end we are all wanderers…

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