Model Files – Dayana Erappa

Another 21 years old Bangalorean killing it for the first time at The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2012, Dayana Erappa stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and takes pride in being a complete tomboy as a child!

Here are a few questions she gladly answered for moi:
Since when have you been modelling? Apart from modelling is there any other line of work that you have? If so then what is it?
Its been a year that I have been in this field. I’m a student doing my final year B.A in literature.

If not professional modelling, what is it that you would be doing today?
I wanted to be an IPS officer.

What are your eating habits like and your fitness regime?
I follow a protein rich diet which has chicken, fish,boiled veggies, egg whites, lots of water, green tea and fruits. I work out 6 days in a week some times i do zumba which i enjoy a lot.

If we were to look in your handbag what are the 5 things that we would always find without fail?
Hand sanitizer, lip gloss,tissue,moisturizer which has SPF in it and perfume.

What kind of makeup do you prefer to wear during the day and at night when out?
Morning i prefer very light make up may be peach lip stick wit nude eyes kajal and mascara. For night it would some thing with a bright lip color.

Which is the one most favourite beauty product/ cosmetic that you love to use?
I always prefer MAC. It is really good and it suits my skin.

What is the one rule or philosophy that you live and swear by in life?
Always keep smiling, be happy with what you have and always be positive.

Till now, for all the fittings for WIFW AW 2012, which designers collection/outfit/garment do you find to be your personal favourite and would love to own?
I liked all the collections, each one is unique. My personal favorite is Abraham and Thakore’s and Sanchita’s collection.

On your day off, what do you like to do- hobby/pasttime?
I would like to pamper myself,spend time with my friends, play basketball my favorite sport

What is your personal style? What kind of stuff do you generally like to wear?
I like to wear some thing which is very comfortable may be a dress, jump suit, jackets.

Is there any model indian/international who you look upto and admire? If so then who and why?
I really look upto Laksmi Menon and internationally it would be Gisele Bundchen. I like the way they walk and carry themselves on the ramp.

Are you a cat or a dog person?
I like dogs.

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