Let’s Design Season-4

Its a new year and a very new and fresh season of the design reality show – Let’s Design by CCI (Cotton Council International).

With almost 1500 enties to boast of, a final of 12 participants had to be short-listed. Not such an easy task for the judges – Designers Rina Dhaka and Shantanu and Nikhil.

For the announcement of the final contestants, the very charming Neha Dhupia as well as Ms. Agnieszka Fijol(CCI India Representative) had also been invited. Ms Fijol also mentioned that the quality of the entries this year was much superior as compared to the previous seasons and that she could’nt wait to see how the contestants would incorporate cotton into their designs and come up with new and innovative applications.

For those of you who do’nt know what Let’s Design is about, its essentially a reality show where the 12 contestants stay at a common ‘Design House’ to compete in a series of challenges especially designed to highlight the many facets of cotton while showing their own skills and creativity.

Neha Dhupia in a playful mood while presenting the measuring-tape look alike bracelets to the final 12 contestants.

The final team:

There was even a friend of mine from NIFT(National Institute of Fashion Technology), New Delhi, Laalit Sengar who easily breezed into the final 12. Very proud of him!

Rina Dhaka

Let’s Design will soon be aired on Zoom Entertainment Channel.

I could’nt help but also mention this quirky neon colored watch worn by Designer Nikhil Mehra

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