Gimme More! Trendspotting

I know its been what seems like an eternity of blogging about the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 but theres just so much material I have, and the last thing I want to do is let it just sit in my hard drive. So heres what I hope will be the final post on trendspotting at the Fashion Week 2012. Besides theres two fabulous marriages that I will be attending in Pune over the next week so till then this should probably hold!

Bubble Gum Boots
Adorable rain boots which will make any gloomy rainy day super cheerful and fun. And no these are not for children. They are for the children in us! There shall be no dull ever!

More than a neck-piece it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie! There is wood, steel, nuts and extra hooks.The stitch-line details on the wood and the neon make it seem very special. Great find!

I recently read somewhere that high-head buns are back. Though I would not easily agree, I have no problem whatsoever with this particular one because firstly it suits her and secondly lets face it, its burnt orange. Full marks for keeping the hairstyle the center statement and going for a minimal cream dress, a tan belt and nude shoes. Everything seems to be in place for this look and that makes me a very satisfied person somehow.

The neck-piece is a fabulous one and no doubt she has tried to focus all the attention towards it by wearing solid top and bottom pieces. However, the drawstring certainly does draw your second glance which is not required at all. A slightly more distinguished tuck in of the shirt and tie-up of the drawstring would have really pulled the entire look together. But nonetheless, the neck-piece is rather wonderful!

Im wondering why this bloke isnt at the beach right now rather than at the fashion week! Such a summery breezy look. Easy-going and laidback. The lovely delicate red printed scarf, with the blue cotton shirt and that jute bag, all speak of effortless style.

Models being shot! I didnt feel like leaving behind my drink so I clicked from where I was sitting. Yes…..sometimes…..I am lazy, moreso in the winters.

A very bedhead look but still chic!

Okay so I said this was gonna be the last post but its seeming to be quite large. Theres going be just one more after this one and then im done. Promise! Stay happy!

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