Fashion Opulence – Chanel’s Paris-Bombay 2011/12 Show

Grandeur has a new address at the Grand Palais in Paris when Karl Lagerfeld showed Chanel’s pre-fall luxury show and named it ‘Paris – Bombay’ yesterday Dec 06. Lagerfeld was able to bring the Indian inspiration to a new royal peak with the gorgeous fabrics, accessories and even the make-up. Its also completely ironical I suppose that this collection has come out during the vastly heavy India Wedding Season for this year.

Here is a pick of my favourite looks from the show including bags, make-up and even some head-gear also known as ‘tikka’ in India. Its like a brimming glass of champagne…theres no more that you can add, but in your head you have already decided that you would like some more.

Gorgeous royal colors. Who knew silver could go that brilliantly with blue!

An asymmetric hemline kurta-dress accompanied with a churidar!

Gold and Silver. India’s darlings.

A cocktail dress and Indian wear at the same time. Genius!

Something very royal about these boots

Almost an offshoot of an ‘Anarkali’ and a ‘Dupatta’

Gosh I would love to introduce a little androgyny in the next outfit I wear to an Indian wedding!

Inspired from Indian mirror-work im guessing.

Pink and gold! India’s favourite colors for weddings.

So modern and traditional-chic at the same time!

Oh my God that ‘Tikka’ and Oh my God that make-up. If you look closely the ‘Tikka’ or the headgear actually has the Chanel logo on it!

The collection, shown on Tuesday, will hit Chanel boutiques worldwide starting May 2012.
Photographs courtesy Fashionscript Cafemakeup and IB Times

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