Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS-2012 – Trendspotting

Yup! That’s exactly the kind of thing you need when the airconditioning isn’t as efficient as it should be. We could all benefit from such fans. And that amazing with a huge ‘zing’ green on it! Pretty smile too! Red lips and a green hand-fan.

Designer Nida Mahmood with her quirky flower-in-her-head-i-dont-care-what-you-think-of-it look. With the orange sunglasses and that peplum style top. Atleast shes got her own sense of style and shes not afraid to own it. I love that about her!

Designer Kawaljit Singh. Im liking all the drapey layering that hes done with his outfit. And if im not wrong there are two stoles that he has taken over his babypink tee. Great color coordination. Pink, dusty grey, black and those cute stripey pyjamas. It seems complicated but still a whole part in itself.

Yes a bow-tie completely changes your look and no for petes sake it does’nt mean tha you are gay! You just have to be confident enough to be able to carry the look. I personally love it when a man can carry off a bow-tie. And this guy is definitely doing something right. With the colors, the folding of his trouser hemline, those solid turquoise shoes, that deep-blue bag of an ocean and even the adorable hand gesture. Total Yay and dont matter if ure gay…Whoa I can rhyme!

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