Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS 2012 – Trendspotting

The trends continue…the lovely coordinations continue and so does the feast for the eyes…

This is such a ‘love in motion’ look. Pretty frills in solid turquoise with a canvas floral skirt, a red sling bag and shoes to be a part of the color story. It almost seems naive but not quite so!
These frilled shoulder tops suit petite shoulders so well. Why do I have such broad ones?

Im quite uncertain about this neckpiece to be honest. Sure its interesting and definitely statement but there is something off about it as a whole. Nevertheless it was out there, it caught my eye and I was’nt willing to let it go without a mention. The saving grace is that she did decide to use it against a muted solid colored top as a background. Effort well made!

Stripey Lullaby – Ofcourse they came well informed and coordinated about each others outfits from home! A first look at it and it seems too much but a second later you actually tend to be drawn to it. Hey not that bad after all! Yes too many stripes but somehow the monotony of it all has been cleverly avoided. Bravo! Loving the horizontal – vertical mating of stripes in the dress.

Not many guys….or girls for that matter can carry off such a broad checked waistcoat; even in their dreams and thats what I find so effortless about this look! Only if you dare will you discover something new eh!

More for later!…

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