Fashion OD – Diesel Democratic Party

What a night! A Fashion show of their latest resort collection and also their store launch party combined with some very good music, food and alcohol, the Diesel Democratic Party went all out and gave the guests an amazing time!
Also was a chance to be a part of an island country of Diesel where you make your own rules!

Here are some shots of the show:
The swimwear section

Signature Diesel Denims:
Heres model Pia doing some great justice to the chic denim outfit. Though both are denim you dont really feel an overdose because of the sleek cuts of the sleeveless top!

Classic biker acid wash for the guys

Whenever you see Joey Matthews at a show you know its gonna be a hoot!

A dress for the evening. Surely doesnt have the signature Diesel crazy element to it but the print more than makes up for the stupid!

Big lips print!

Casuals for guys in trippy colors

The show ended with much pomp, waving a flag of the newly formed Diesel country while everyone sang its anthem which went : “We’re the least fu**ed up country of all”. Crazy enough for you?!

And this is the currency which people got to just throw around for fun! Neat idea….making your guests feel super rich!

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