Designer H1N1 Swine Flu masks – Times Of India, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore

The designer H1N1 swine flu masks have been featured in todays Deccan Chronicle, Chennai as well.
The entire page:
Deccan Chronicle 24th august 09
The article:
The article

All the masks displayed in this post are now available online for purchase on They are all limited edition, exclusively hand-painted single piece masks. To view the entire range and purchase your favourite masks click HERE.
The website is being jointly handled by Me and Naina Redhu

Custom made masks with your desired graphics will also be available on your requests. You can leave the comments here or contact on the contact number provided.

Photographs of some more designer H1N1 swine flu masks developed a few days back:
‘Jai Ho!’
Jai Ho!  [Click to purchase]
N-95 ‘Oink’
N-95 'Oink!' [Click to purchase]
‘Gabru’ – on special request for the guys
'Gabru' [Click to purchase]
Special thanks to Aman Godara for being the non-fussy model 😀
'Bugsy' [Click to purchase]
Photoediting and stylizing: Naina Redhu @ Aside

A few more designs have been developed on the basic surgical masks as well as the N-95 avian flu masks. Photographs will be put up in a short while. Up until now I was testing the waters for the acceptability of these masks into the Indian janta. Again its both great and not so great. But I can feel that people are beginning to understand the idea behind these masks and slowly losing their inhibitions to try something new. With the Indian Govt. still failing at providing the N-95 masks at a scale that is actually required by the public, it still remains quite difficult to attain them. Due to this severe unavailability of the masks in the open market the prices for both of them have been revised.
Basic surgical mask costing INR 105
N-95 avian flu mask costing INR 750

An eventful day for me as Ive been featured on the 2nd page of Times of India Mumbai & page 18 of Times Of India Delhi(happened a day after the article appeared in Mumbai and Bangalore) regarding the designer H1N1 swine flu masks that I came up with as a pet project. There are both N-95 avian flu masks as well as the basic surgical masks. You can click HERE to view the paper online. I hope my idea will be a little more accepted by the public now.
The complete page:
2nd page of Mumbai TOI - Complete Page
The article:
The article
Here are some of the masks that i have created:
This is the N-95 avian flu mask
The N-95 mask
‘Hearty‘ – All over print of little hearts
Surgical mask - Hearty
‘Teen Glitter’ – All over glitter especially for the teeny boppers
Surgical masks - Teen Glitter
‘Kiss Kiss’ – Big red lips right over yours, larger than life if you must….
Surgical mask - Kiss Kiss
Photograph editing courtesy Naina Redhu @Aside

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