How to Wear Florals to Work

Most people link florals with extremely ‘girly’, feminine-dressy and meant for cute or love related occasions generally leaning towards happy, romantic moments. THAT is completely not what florals can be interpreted as. It’s completely up to you, your mood and willingness to try something different out. I have picked out the most romantic floral print blouse and styled it in a 100% office/ formal look all from VERO MODA and it works so well. The sharp silhouette of the blazer with the sleek fall of the trousers coincide so well with the softness of the floral blouse. The outfit brings together the best of both worlds – cold hard business but with the softness that shows you care (I’d imagine). A dame meaning business (come to think of it, that’s what the name for this post should have been)

What do you think of this look?

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Top + Trousers + Blazer + Bag + Bracelet: VERO MODA
Shoes: H&M
Watch: Swatch
Photographs courtesy Aman Godara

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